Outstanding Debts

Don’t know if Bankruptcy is the answer for your situation? 

If you can relate to any of the 9 situations below you might want to consider it….

Bankruptcy is the only real debt consolidation plan that will legally stop any of the listed below. If you can relate to the video you owe it to yourself to end the stress and get started on rebuilding your finances today!


1. Have you had your wages garnished or bank accounts frozen after judgments?

2. Have you been threatened  or are being sued by your creditors?

3. Have you been or are being harassed by debt collectors at home or work?

4. Have you been threatened with or are about to face a vehicle repossession

5. Are you caught in a vicious cycle of, “robbing Peter to pay Paul” situation? Borrowing from one credit card lender to pay another lender only leads to more debt, not to Financial Freedom.

6. Are you caught in the trap of Payday and Title loans with unconscionable interest rates?

7. Do you have too much debt? (i.e. Medical Bills, credit cards, personal & title loans, behind on car/home loans.)

8. Are you behind with car or home mortgage payments or property taxes?

9. Do you owe the IRS money?

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