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Wondering About Debt Relief and what options you may have?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions about what Debt Relief is vs. Bankruptcy and how it may or may not affect you… Click Here for FAQs and answers

Here is something to think about and a common misconception about Bankruptcy.
Think about this: If you chose to file for bankruptcy from the moment you file you start working on rebuilding your credit. If you choose to try and stay afloat it can take you on average up to 6-8 years making the minimum payments, and that is with a decent interest rate. Or in most cases you can start repairing your credit in the first year!

The Vasquez Law Firm is a debt relief law firm. We proudly help people and small businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code, where and when appropriate. The Vasquez Law Firm is committed to serving the people of San Antonio and surrounding areas. The Vasquez Law Firm is focused on representing clients in this area of Consumer and small business bankruptcy. This allows the firm to have and deliver the most up to date expert service to our clients in the area of consumer and small business bankruptcy Law. Consumer and small business bankruptcy law includes the powerful Chapter 13 debt Consolidation PLAN, a solution that has been used by tens of thousands of other San Antonians, both Individuals and small businesses, to Get a Financial Fresh Start.™ This is the PLAN we use in our debt Consolidation Program.

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