You have worked so Hard to Keep Your Home… 

This is a video about Dan and his family lost their home due to broker’s lies and avarice

We must put a personal face on foreclosure, and we must take action if we have any chance of preventing millions of people from losing their homes. Have you been affected by the housing crisis? Do you know anyone who has? We’re asking you to record your story, or the story of a friend, family member, or neighbor, and send it to us in a video or through a written submission. We’re collecting stories to display on


This is just one of many stories alike if you are facing foreclosure you owe it to yourself to keep your home for you and or your family. We would love to opportunity to help Click Here to visit our Getting Started page and learn how you may be able to keep your home from being foreclosed on. Or if this is an emergency please call as immediately at either of our office locations (210)229-2067 San Antonio or (956)267-1767

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