Keeping Your Home

You have worked so Hard to Keep Your Home…

By assisting our clients with the Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation PLAN.  This Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation PLAN is sponsored under the protection of the United States Federal bankruptcy code. This is the same PLAN that has helped tens of thousands of others and our clients alike PROTECT and SAVE their home(s) and also legally eliminate ALL their debt.

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  Most people are unaware that upon the filing of this Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation PLAN, a Federal Court Order goes into immediate effect that STOPS and PROHIBITS your creditors from taking any further collection action against you AND all your property.  Because this is a federal law, it protects you from losing your home(s) to foreclosure. This is the same PLAN that has helped millions of other People and Small Businesses SAVE and PROTECT their home(s) and property over the years.

If you would like to learn more about how this Federal Law may be able to SAVE and PROTECT your home(s), CALL our office at (210) 229-2067 to set up your FREE Initial, No Obligation – Confidential Consultation with our office.

This Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation PLAN affords you an opportunity to legally eliminate ALL your debt by consolidating ALL your debt into (one) Significantly Lower, Interest-FREE, monthly payment you can afford.  We hope to have the opportunity and the pleasure of meeting and visiting with you very soon. Thank You and May God Bless You and Yours.

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